February 15, 2022 1 min read

Foaming Boat Soap v.s Heavy Duty Boat Cleaner

One of the most frequently asked questions is the difference between our Foaming boat soap and Heavy-duty boat cleaner.

Salty Hull Foaming Boat Soap encapsulates salt, dirt, grime, and debris to gently clean the surface, leaving a fantastic shine, and is the perfect daily boat wash. Blended with quality and safe, biodegradable cleaning agents, our soap works and smells great! Load into your Salty Hull Foam Gun for a constant stream of foaming bubbles.

Salty Hull Heavy Duty Boat Cleaner is specifically formulated to clean Fish Blood, Chum, Guts, Grime, and Salt. Perfect for getting your boat cleaned up when returning from a day of fishing or a rough day on the water. Pairing it with a Salty Hull Foam Gun makes it great for spraying engine bays and hard-to-reach spots. Simply spray, let it rest and watch the magic happen. The blood and guts will lift right up and wash away. 100% guarantee or your money back!

To sum it up, use the daily wash to get that fantastic shine and smell. Use our heavy-duty cleaner to eat up blood, guts, and grime to get a deep clean.