Salty Hull

Salty Hull Foam Gun and Soap Starter Kit

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Salty Hull Starter Kit combines the Foam Gun and Foaming Boat Soap and makes it easy to clean and protect your boat.

The starter kit is a perfect combination of products to get any first-timer starter! 

Salty Hull Foam Gun: is perfect for cleaning all external surfaces and materials including marine gel coat, fiberglass, paintwork, plastic, polished metal, wood, decks, masts, hulls, etc (MORE DETAILS). 

Salty Hull Foaming Boat Soap: is a specially formulated soap that is designed to gently release dirt and grime without compromising the protection or water beading of your paint coating. It Safe for all clear coat finishes, wheels, glass, rubber, vinyl. Blended with strong, but safe, biodegradable cleaning agents, this stuff just works. (MORE DETAILS)

Kit includes:

1) 32oz bottle of Salty Hull Boat Soap 

1) Salty Hull Foam Cannon